Chief Coach - Rebecca Thomas


Rebecca has been riding since she was 3 years old and joined Walliston Pony Club at age 7 and when she got her first pony "Misty". Rebecca enjoyed competing and represented the club in Prince Phillip Games, State Horse Trials and Show Jumping teams. 

She also rode her event horse "Sky" to Kalgoorlie as part of an organized ride to celebrate WA's Bicentenary in 1988. Rebecca is chief coach of Walliston Pony club and have been coaching at the club for the past 12 years.


Rebecca is a Level 2 NCAS (General) coach and a  2* event rider, having competed successfully and placing at 2* events in the Eastern States.

EA National Coach of the Month!

In June, 2015 Rebecca was named the EA National Coach of the Month! What a super achievement.

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Don Hawkins


I commenced riding at Walliston Pony Club when I was 12 years of age in 1961 just 4 years after the club was started.  I rode for 6 years and became very good at active riding including games and jumping.  I had worked for and bought a thoroughbred ex race horse named “Bobbie“, who helped me learn in lots of ways.   In those days the club also organised fox hunting in Morley as it was mainly bush then so I participated in that too.   (We never found any foxes but did have great rides). 


After joining the WA police I later went back to riding in the police mounted section where I was stationed for twenty years.  At the completion of my term there I was the senior trainer, a post that I had held for some time.  We were engaged in active patrol duties, ceremonial duties, mounted displays including The Commissioner’s Police Horse Event at the Perth Royal Show, country shows, tent pegging, vaulting, tandem riding and driving, and riot training/civil disorder duties plus bush searches for evidence or lost people.  The section also conducted two week training courses for at risk youths from the Department of Community Services.  During my time and as I took up more and more training duties there I found I needed some formal qualification so went about training for my Level 1 NCAS (General) qualification which I now hold.  This created a keen interest in dressage which I still enjoy as it creates greater understanding between horse and rider.


As time progressed, I found myself back at Walliston in the Adult Riding Club and acted on the committee on the pony club as a liaison officer for the Adult Riding Club for 8 years plus served three years as president of the Adult Riding Club.  My wife Margaret’s eldest son Mathew was a member at the same time in pony club.  I do coach at other clubs and have been invited to coach at several zone club days this year.  I have begun coaching in earnest at our pony club and now the current Dressage Club at Walliston.  


As I have taken a keen interest in coaching at pony club and due to my many and varied riding skills I have been made a Specialist K Examiner for PCAWA.  I am also a life member of Walliston which is something that I cherish.