Below is information about our rallies, please also visit our Uniforms and Forms and Downloads pages

Rally Timetable

8am: Riders meeting in club rooms

8.15-8.45: Everyone to help with set up

9am: First lesson

10am: Change lesson

10.10am: Second Lesson

11.10am: Change lesson

11.20am: Third lesson

12.30pm:  Lunch and further notices

1.30pm-3pm: Afternoon session TBA

3pm: Everyone to pack-up.

Rallies are organised and run by the Rally Coordinator and the Chief Coach. Groups and activities for the morning are set by the Rally Coordinator and the Chief Coach before the rally. Afternoon activities will/may be set and organised by other members.

Some small changes to rallies can be made on the day but can only be made through the Rally Coordinator. Coaches do not want to be approached at a rally.  If a member wishes to discuss some aspect of their coaching or their childs coaching they must fill in a Action Form, give this form to the Rally Coordinator who will pass it on to the Coaches at their Coaching meeting at lunchtime.

All members must inform the Rally Coordinator one week prior to the rally if they are not intending to attend. Failure to compile with this curtesy may result in not being allocated to a group. 

We all know that on rally day ponies may decide to throw a shoe, not get on the float etc. If this is the case, please call us so we know you are running late and we may be able to help.

Everyone is to help with set up and pack up.  If you are not staying for the afternoon activities please inform the Rally Coordinator and a pack up duty will be organised.  All rubbish is to be cleaned up, all manure cleaned from stalls and placed on manure pile behind stables (not around trees). All gear to be put away, sheds and arenas locked.  Every member is responsible to help out on rally day.

Coaches and Groups

WRPC has small groups (5-6) which are organised by age, riding ability, horses/ponies ability, horse/ponies size, these factors are brought together with the view to have a group that is close in abilities. We aim to have groups that get along well together. Coaches are chosen who best suit each group. Each group has three morning sessions, flatwork, jumping and horsemastership. Afternoon sessions may be games, novelties, pacework, X country jumping or practise for up coming events. Afternoon sessions will be advised during the week before the rally. If any member or parent wishes to discuss any issue relating to groups or coaching they are to fill in an Action Form, which is given to the Rally Coordinator who will pass it on to the Coaches. Members or parents are not to approach coaches as it is disruptive to other riders.

Action Form Download