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Welcome to 2022!

For new memberships, please email us at or contact our secretary Suzanne at



1. Go to

2. Enter in your Pony Club member number. If you do not have a member number please email

3. Once you have entered your member number, click on 'forgot password'. This will generate an email to your registered email address. If you do not receive an email please check your junk folder or contact the email above. 

4. Click on memberships navigation at the top of screen. 

5. Select the membership you require: Note only the memberships your age makes you eligible for are displayed.

6. Follow the prompts through to add to cart and pay.

7. Add your horse, if applicable.

8. Click on 'Profile', then click 'Credentials', then click on 'Add a credential' then click on 'Add a horse' and follow the prompts.

In addition to the above ...

All members require an ‘Adult Supporter’ you can set up your profile as a family or login under the adult’s current PonyClub ID (if you have been a member at ponyclub you will have a PonyClub ID).  Select the membership type “Adult Supporter”.  When you go to pay the charge will come up $58.00. When logging on for the first time you will need to reset your password.

All members are also required to sign a code of conduct. Please email this to or bring it to the first rally. 

Don 2017 TP Cup_edited.jpg


8am Riders Meeting

8:15am Set Up

9am First Lesson

10 minute lesson change

10.10am Second Lesson

10 minute lesson change

11.20am Third lesson

12.30pm Lunch

1.30pm Afternoon Session

3pm Pack Up


Uniforms are available all year and are displayed on Enrolment Day. Please see Cathy Atkinson for orders or to buy/sell second hand uniforms. If you would like to check PCWA's gear checking manual for further details on legal equipment and uniform, click on the link below. 


White or Beige Jodphurs

White Shirt

Dark Blue Tie

Knitted WRPC Jumper

Black or Brown Boots

Approved Helmet with Blue and White Cover


White, Beige or Navy Jodphurs

WRPC Polo Shirt

Black or Brown Boots

Approved Helmet

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